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Tire Repair New Lenox IL

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Tire Repair New Lenox IL

Tire Repair New Lenox IL

From loose screws and nails to potholes and other rough road conditions, your tires encounter many hazards. When they go flat or get damaged, vehicle owners often wonder if they should buy a new set of tires or get Tire Repair New Lenox IL. Not every punctured or flat tire is fixable, yet there are examples where you’ll be able to get the tire and your vehicle back on the road safely with a fast repair by  our automotive services experts.

Keep reading to learn more about what type of damage is repairable at our shop and when you should replace the tire.

Is Tire Repair New Lenox IL Possible If There Are Punctures?

The location and size of the puncture can often be the determining factors between replacing a tire or Tire Repair New Lenox IL. If the tire has a puncture in the tread area but it doesn’t measure wider than one-quarter of an inch, a simple repair might be sufficient. If there are two punctures on a tire, getting it fixed might still be possible if the punctures are a minimum of 16 inches apart and the total number of repairs will not exceed two. If there are more than two punctures, you should probably consider a new tire. Replacement is usually necessary in situations like:

-The diameter of the puncture is over one-quarter of an inch.
-The puncture is on the sidewall of the tire.
-There are several punctures that are within 16 inches of each other.

If you see bubbles forming on the sidewall of a tire, it is probably from an impact. Contributing factors such as driving on a flat, striking a pothole or driving over speed bumps too fast can all lead to this problem. Although the bulge in the tire may not appear too concerning at first, tires with side bubbling are usually not repairable.

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Can a Tire Be Repaired More Than Once?

In some situations, it’s possible to fix a tire again if the damage will not compromise the previous repair. As an example, when a nail or a screw gets stuck in the tire, a quick repair might be sufficient if the puncture is not overlapping with another one. If it overlaps, you will probably need to replace the tire.

Can I Get Tire Repair New Lenox IL After an Accident?

Usually, damaged auto tires will require replacement following an accident. If the tires sustain serious damage in a collision, such as tread separation or major cuts, we will recommend replacement because Tire Repair New Lenox IL will not possible.

Should I Use a Sealant or Emergency Repair Kit?

These quick fixes can be helpful in getting your vehicle to a local auto repair shop. However, don’t rely on them for very long. A tire sealant can freeze when temperatures are cold and possibly damage the tire pressure monitors. Also, auto service technicians are typically not be able to repair tire punctures with that contain temporary sealants.

When it comes to choosing between patching a flat tire or replacing it, remember that patching does not fill in the gap from a puncture. Basically, patching a tire alone is not an adequate solution that will last for very long. That’s why repair technicians will often utilize a patch-plug combination to provide a longer-lasting solution for punctures.

To be sure that yours are safely fixed or replaced, have it inspected by a trained service technician at Menard Automotive. Your safety is always our top priority! You can expect prompt and professional services at very reasonable pricing.

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