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We are your source for professional automotive repair! From tune-ups and preventive maintenance to engine overhauls, transmission issues or other major repairs, you can rely on Menard Automotive for:

Oil Change
The number of miles that you can travel in between oil changes for your vehicle depends in part on its age and type. A surefire method of knowing whether your vehicle is due to get an oil change at Menard Automotive is to simply refer to the sticker or recent paperwork from the last service it had. It should state by which mileage and date you will need to bring the car vehicle in. However, there are other indications that your vehicle is ready for oil change, with a low oil level among the most obvious. If your vehicle is too low on oil it increases the risks of engine damage occurring, so you’ll definitely want to see us for an oil change if that is the case.

menards automotive oil change

Brake Repair

A thorough inspection of your vehicle’s brake system will help our technicians determine the extent of the repairs needed, which could range from installation of new brake pads to brake replacement. Some of the top signs you need brake repair are:

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Alignments & Tires

Got a flat? Tires worn out and lacking much tread? No problem! We can replace and accurately mount quality new tires on your vehicle.

For these and other automotive repairs call Menard Automotive at 815-320-3055.

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